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MAS S.r.l. in Padua specializes in the production and sale of boilers for different sectors and applications. With consolidated experience in the field, the result of work performed with dedication and passion, today we guarantee reliability and professionalism and serve as a point of reference for clients both in Italy and abroad.

Thanks to our expert, qualified personnel, who are up to speed with innovations in the sector, we offer the most advanced solutions at convenient prices. As well as manufacturing boilers, we also provide attentive, timely installation and after-sales service to guarantee consistent and continuous use of our products over time.

Visit us at our factory at Via dell’Artigianato, 21 in Padua to experience firsthand the quality of our products and to better understand the dedication and work that go into our products of excellence.

For information or a bespoke quote, contact us by phone or email. One of our team will respond to all your questions as soon as possible.

Eco Green

Our mission is to create increasingly efficient products with a low environmental impact. We believe that progress begins with environmental protection for the benefit of all. Our products are in continuous evolution and development to reduce gas emissions and improve.

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