Energy-saving central heating systems

Technical Sheet: 
  • Without economizer at maximum production and water input at 70ºC:
    400 kg/h with 88% steam yield, methane consumption about 32.8 cu m/h
  • With economizer at maximum production and water input at 70ºC:
    400 kg/h with 93% steam yield, methane consumption about 31 cu m/h. Smoke temperature reduced to between 80º and 100ºC.

The saving is about 1-8 cu m/h. Assuming a use of about 10 hours per day, 250 days per year, this translates into an overall savings of 4500 cu m/yr.
Ultimately, with non-continuous operation at 50% capacity, a saving of about 2250 cu m/yr can be assumed for this boiler.

This calculation was made based on normal operation of the STA 30 RE steam boiler, but usage may be improved further if a circulation pump is applied on an open pan accumulator to produce hot water or indirectly on aerothermal heating units.
The economizer was designed to be applied to generators produced by Mas Generatori di Vapore in Padua, both new and older models, without interfering with the burner or generating bothersome counterpressure in the combustion chamber.
The system does not require any maintenance except treatment of the water circulating within, which should have the same characteristics as the boiler water. The height may vary depending on the application.

Component breakdown: 

Vertical smoke tube economizer

This unit is composed of two tube plates that form a single body welded with the vertical tube band.
It is completed with external cladding welded to the plates in order to contain the water for preheating or superheating.
The cladding has nozzle attachments for preheated water inlet and output and a safety valve.
Smokeboxes are located at the ends of the tube plates for attachment to the steam boiler and chimney and the support frame of the heat exchanger.
Everything is insulated with 25-mm-thick glass wool and sealed with stainless-steel plate.

Total weight: 250 kg 
Dimensions: ø 415 – h 800 mm


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