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Over time, MAS S.r.l. has developed new models to meet the needs of our various clients, both within and beyond Padua and its province.

Our expert, qualified personnel will know how to help you learn about and choose the best products for your specific requests. Below, you can view the technical sheet of our SFT O model steam generator, an extremely high-performance model.

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Technical Sheet: 

Partially-fixed horizontal steam generator with pressurized, two step smoke tubes.

  • Tubing plates fringed on both the firebox and cladding ends and expansion joints on the firebox guarantee compensation for expansion due to temperature differences, reducing their effect on the plates
  • Tube band expanded and welded with waterproofing seal on the tubing plate
  • Large combustion chamber, low thermal loads, and limited back pressure reduce wear on the elements over time
  • Reduced heat loss due to radiation (about 3%) with the use of insulating materials used for the smokeboxes and cladding
  • Possibility of various fuels (methane, LPG, combustible oils and diesel)
  • Contained steam production (35 kg/h per m2), large evaporation chamber, high liquid capacity and extraction dome guarantee high steam concentration (about 0.97) and constant pressure, even under maximum load
  • Generators in the SFT O series are supplied with certified accessories, taps and fittings and valves by the best brands (Bont, Gestra, Besa etc.), complete with electrical panels and regulation, control and safety devices
  • Upon request, the steam generator may be supplied complete with burner or combustion head

This steam generator may be supplied complete with forced-air burner (methane, LPG, diesel).

Component breakdown: 
  1. burner
  2. electrical control panel
  3. electric feeding pump
  4. level regulator
  5. burner block electronic probes
  6. working pressure switches
  7. block pressure switch
  8. injector
  9. safety valves
  10. feed valve
  11. discharge valve
  12. level indicator
  13. manometer
  14. pump filter
  15. check valve
  16. injector block valve
  17. discharge level reg. valve
  18. steam injector block valve
  19. secondary steam uptake valve
  20. check valve
  21. main steam uptake valve

MAS reserves the right to make any modification without prior notice.

Generator body components: 
  • Cladding and firebox in calendared sheet metal in P275NH or P265GH
  • Tubing plates fringed towards both the firebox and cladding connections, cold-shaped and standardized to guarantee compensation for thermal expansion
  • Tube band expanded and welded with waterproofing channel on the tubing plate
  • Large combustion chamber and low thermal loads guarantee high combustion yield and low emissions
  • Optional steam dome to produce high-concentration steam
  • Production of wet-base, inversion, three-step smoke tube  versions
  • Nozzles and connections for accessories, obtained from tubes in ASTM A 106 GR B, guaranteeing quality and a long lifetime
  • UNI- or ANSI-compliant flanges
Generator housing: 
  • Smokeboxes made of carbon steel sheet, insulated with firebrick and insulation by the best brands to guarantee durability
  • Supporting frame and seat in beams and thick sheet metal to allow the generator to be moved easily and safely
  • Outer sheet metal in laser-cut stainless or painted steel
  • Insulation with high-density mineral wool mats
  • Smokebox seals in woven ceramic/stainless steel or ceramic/glass
  • Flange seals in PTFE or expanded Teflon
  • Accessory connections on sheet metal covering finished with laser-cut covers in stainless or painted steel
  • Reflection level indicator by the best brands with A 105 taps and fittings
  • PED-approved MG spring safety valve with housing and disk in stainless steel
  • Metal maintenance-free steam uptake valve
  • Pair of maintenance-free metal sludge discharge valves
  • Maintenance-free metal angle feed valve
  • Electric feed pump complete with flanged filter and pair of disc check valves
  • Siphon (shaped manually in ASTM A 106 GR B) to support pressure switches and manometers
  • Electrical panel containing CE safety and control devices with equipment for minimum level block, redundancy (self-control), as required by the PED
  • Group of electronic probes for feed control and minimum/maximum level
  • Electrical system with high-temperature sheaths and cables (where necessary)
  • Working pressure switch
  • Second flame pressure switch or regulator
  • Safety pressure switch with manual reset

The smokeboxes are equipped with easily removable windows for easy inspection and to easily clean the tube band.
The generator is insulated with high-density mineral wool, a material that minimizes heat loss through radiation. The large steam chamber and low thermal load guarantee steam quality and constant supply, even under maximum loads.
The mono-block version of the generator is equipped as described. By request and based on your needs, we can provide a quote for a more suitable burner or combustion head to be coupled to the chosen generator.
We also offer customer assistance with the production of steam systems, the design and installation of chimneys, and the creation of complete thermal power systems.

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