Used steam generators with warranty

Not just new products.
We have in fact developed a real network dedicated to used vehicles, always guaranteeing high standards of quality and reliability.
We are ISO 9001 certified for the design and construction and overhaul of steam boilers.
The specification for the revision of the boiler follows very precise and accurate protocols, the stub and re-tubing of the entire tube bundle is in fact done, the shielding of the boiler body is replaced, we revise the infill paneling with the entire replacement of the insulating material, replacement of accessories of use (electric charge pump, level control probes, pressure switches, safety valves) and finally the electrical panel is overhauled.
The revised machine is comparable to the new one.
If the customer has the need, he can submit it to a sworn appraisal to confirm our work.
On all our used machines we always give a 3-year guarantee on the boiler body excluding damage from corrosion and / or encrustations and the guarantee of the parent company on new accessories installed.
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