Technical Sheet: 

Fire tube and thick tube band within the cladding and passing through the steam chamber where heat eliminates any humidity. Two smokeboxes – upper and lower – can be inspected for easy cleaning. Insulation: ceramic fibre for the smokebox, long-fibre glass wool for the cladding, all covered with AISI 304 stainless-steel sheet metal - completely free of asbestos.
The boiler is delivered in the monoblock version complete with:

  • Taps and fittings by the best brands according to regulations
  • Level regulator with electronic probe
  • Burner block, minimum level with electronic probes
  • Pressure switch for burner operation
  • Electric feed pump
  • Electrical control panel complete with connection to the various equipment
  • Absence of external oven, total yield 90% and beyond with heat recovery
  • Steam concentration 0.97
  • Testing and exemption at construction site according to ISPSEL standards
  • Total exemption from ISPSEL checks – fire brigade – licensed driver assistance
  • Compatible with user-operated machinery, replacing electric steam generators with notable energy savings

This steam generator may be supplied complete with forced-air burner (methane, LPG, diesel).

Component breakdown: 
  • Burner
  • Electrical control panel
  • Level regulator
  • Electric feed pump
  • Burner block electronic probes
  • Pressure switch
  • Safety valve
  • Manometer
  • Level indicator
  • Discharge valve
  • Feed valve
  • Check valve
  • Steam inlet valve
  • Pump filter
  • Chimney attachment

MAS reserves the right to make any modifications without prior notice.

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