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MAS S.r.l. is delighted to introduce you to our STA steam generator in stainless steel. The development of increasingly advanced technologies and solutions by our team of expert, skilled technicians means our product range is always undergoing constant evolution and improvement. We aim to always provide the best, from materials to production to our installation, maintenance, and aftercare services..

This means you will always be able to use a product that is functional and high-performance.
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Technical Sheet: 
  • Large upper collector to allow for a large steam chamber
  • Two bands of evaporator tubes
  • Small superheater to eliminate traces of water in the steam
  • Boiler body entirely enclosed with removable panels insulated with fibreglass and ceramic fibre


The boiler is delivered complete with:

  • Taps and fittings by the best brands according to regulations
  • Level regulator with electronic probe
  • Burner blocks, minimum level with electronic probes
  • Pressure switch for burner operation and max. pressure
  • Electrical control panel complete with connection to the various equipment
Component breakdown: 
  1. burner
  2. electrical control panel
  3. electronic probe and charge level control
  4. electric feeding pump
  5. burner block E1 – E2 electronic probes
  6. working and 2nd flame pressure switches
  7. safety valve(s)
  8. manometer
  9. level indicator
  10. discharge valve
  11. feed valve
  12. check valve(s)
  13. steam inlet valve
  14. pump filter
  15. chimney attachment 193 mm
  16. max pressure switch with manual reset

MAS reserves the right to make any modifications without prior notice.

Generator body components: 
  • Upper collector in ASTM A 106 GR B, with large steam chamber
  • Lower collector in ASTM A 106 GR B, for water intake and sludge discharge
  • Two bands of boiler tubes in ASTM A 106 GR B, folded and welded to the collectors, forming (with appropriate shielding) a combustion chamber of 3 or 5 turns to optimize combustion yield
  • Superheater in ASTM A 106 GR B in the last turn to supply steam at high concentrations (dry steam)
  • Nozzles and threaded connections to connect accessories, obtained from tubes in ASTM A 106 GR B, guaranteeing quality and durability
  • Flanges in P275 NH with 15-mm thickness
Generator housing: 
  • Steel housing supporting the generator body
  • Rods to support the housing, pallet-sized for easy transport
  • Laser-cut outer sheets in stainless or painted steel
  • Insulation with high-density mineral wool or ceramic fibre
  • Structure sealed with neutral silicone
  • Stainless-steel rivets for sheet metal/housing joints
  • Accessory connections on sheet metal covering finished with laser-cut covers in stainless or painted steel
  • Steady gradient level indicator by the best brands with precision-cast stainless steel taps and fittings
  • PED-approved MG spring safety valve with housing and disk in stainless steel
  • Steam uptake valve in precision-cast stainless steel located on top of the generator for easy access
  • Discharge valve in precision-cast stainless steel located on the front of the generator and easy to use
  • Feed valve in precision-cast stainless steel, complete with two check valves, guaranteeing overheating protection for the feed pump
  • Calpeda electric feed pump complete with bronze filter
  • Siphon (shaped manually in ASTM A 106 GR B) to support pressure switches and manometers
  • Electrical panel containing safety and control devices with separation of the two burner block relays at a minimum
  • Three electronic probes for level and minimum level
  • Electrical system with high-temperature sheaths and cables (where necessary)
  • Working pressure switch by Danfoss or an equivalent brand
  • Second flame pressure switch by Danfoss or an equivalent brand
  • Safety pressure switch with manual reset by Sopac or an equivalent brand

The boiler body is panelled for inspection and easy cleaning on the exhaust side. It is insulated with mineral wool and high-density ceramic fibre, materials that minimize heat loss through radiation, with a very low specific mass and reduced thermal inertia. The use of these materials and the limited capacity of the boiler allow for quick steam production.
The mono-block version of the generator is equipped as described. On request, we can provide stainless steel condensation tanks, complete with stainless-steel floats, stainless-steel sleeves for connections to the generator and system, methane gas, LPG or diesel burners by the best brands, softeners for drinking water treatment and automatic sludge-removal valves in bronze or stainless steel.
We also offer customer assistance with the production of steam systems, the design and installation of chimneys, and the creation of complete thermal power systems.

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